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Minor test ends in a Wee rout

OUT in Balbriggan the last day, the Dublin minors put on a bit of a carnival. Louth were the visitors to the homely O'Dwyer's location.

Dublin hit 16 wides, but also 14 goals and 25 points. In that kind of form, it was hard for any team to share the same apartment.

Yet, at the end, Fintan O'Curry didn't react like a man who had won the Lotto. The season is young yet.

"We know we will face tougher journeys along the way," he acknowledged. "It's the same old story for us -- one game at a time."

Dublin's next date is against Laois in Fingallians next Monday. The Blues will be looking to go on another bank holiday scoring bonanza.

But Fintan and his colleagues are not thinking like that. Feet on the ground and take you points will be the message that will be coming from the home dressing room.

"We have had two wins on the bounce against Offaly and Louth, and now we have Laois.

"As far as we are concerned, it's all about the next challenge, and that means being as prepared as we can be for the Laois fixture."

Fintan is highly rated in management circles. He has a trusty crew of lieutenants alongside him: Ken Murphy, Judy Murphy, Shirley McDonagh, Gerry Barrett and John Caffrey.


He's happy that there's a new format in the championship this season. "It was straight knockout last year. We are far happier with the round-robin system.

"At this stage, all the squad have sampled championship football.

"And it's a good opportunity to give players game-time.

"The round-robin structure gives all the girls the chance to play championship football, and we are very pleased with that.

"The knockout situation gave very little chance to teams. But this is a much better design for everybody.

"And getting people playing football is the most important thing of all.

"Against Louth, we had Kate Dwyer of St Margaret's coming in for her first championship outing. And she did very well."

Indeed she did. Her 3-2 put her up among Dublin's leading tellers, who included Siobhan Woods (0-9, 2f), Stephanie Adams (4-2) and the five-goal wonder, Lauren Ebbs, the slickest finisher you'd find in a month of Saturdays.

Last term, the young Dubs marched all the way to the All-Ireland final in Birr when they fell to Cork.

"It was a little disappointing, the way it ended, but overall it was a fabulous campaign. It would be terrific to get back there again but our aim for the present is to do our very best in Leinster."

And that means producing a performance that will put Laois to the swords.