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Mick's steering the Stillorgan express to success

THE Stillorgan steam train just keeps on puffing away. That's the sweetest sound of all for Mick Noctor.

"There's a huge amount of girls playing. When we started, the numbers were small, but now you'd have a couple of hundred up every Saturday. That's what it's all about," says Mick.

This season the Stillorgan express ended a journey of distinction by reaching the OZO Senior 3 Championship and League finals.

"That is a testament to the commitment of the girls. It shows that the club is on the right road.

"We have quite a young team at that level. We hope to continue in this vein and maybe we might win something next year.

"We'll be in the same division again. We are happy with that. We have proven that we are competitive at that level. Getting promoted might just be a step too far for us at this stage.

"We have enjoyed the season, and that is the main thing. We have plenty of players coming through. There's lots of work being done in the juvenile sector. That will take a few years to mature.

"Camogie is very healthy in the club. There's people putting in a tremendous effort.

"It's very encouraging to see so many young players, but, as always, the secret is to keep them playing into the future."

With Mick and his colleagues in the engine room, there's every likelihood of that happening.