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Media's silence since Connolly incident smacks of hypocrisy

IT is now four weeks since Dublin lifted the National Football title in Croke Park.

Forgive me for my parochialism this week but the Dubs are easy targets for the media on a variety of issues.

Whether it is playing in Croke Park or having too much money to spend there is always someone looking to express their opinion.

Discipline is another area that will grab headlines if any player steps out of line.


The Battles of Omagh or Donnycarney or any sendings off will always grab headlines.

Sure that's life, comes with the territory of being a Dub. Get on with it we are told!

So what about when the shoe is on the other foot?

With that in mind, I wonder what has come of the Jamie O'Sullivan incident in the league final when he took out Diarmuid Connolly with a dangerous challenge?

I wonder would the incident have gone away if Connolly was the perpetrator?

For some reason I doubt it very much!