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McGuinness eager for duel with Dubs

IF Chris McGuinness were to believe everything he reads about Dublin, he might be inclined to stay at home in Ballybay this Saturday.

But that's not how he views Monaghan's looming D-Day with the Dubs. The All-Ireland champions may "tick all the boxes" but they are still just 15 men on the same field at any one time.

McGuinness plundered 1-3 from play against Kildare last Saturday night, his coolly dispatched goal in 
extra-time proving the game's match-defining score.

In the wake of that energy-sapping qualifier, his thoughts have already turned to Saturday's All-Ireland SFC quarter-final. "Everyone wants to play the Dubs in Croke Park," he enthuses. "At the minute we have to focus on our recovery and make sure we're right.


"Everyone knows the standard that Dublin are playing at the minute, but all we can do is just prepare properly ourselves physically and let the management look at what we'll need to do."

The big danger now, of course, is that Malachy O'Rourke's men will be running on empty when it matters.

"You don't expect to be playing extra-time but we can look on it as a bonus," McGuinness counters.

"If you lost, you'd be saying we weren't ready for those 20 minutes - but we had it in the bank at the end which was a good thing.

"We'll just be refocussing and getting the mental side of things right over the next few days.

"It's key to refuel the body too, and rehydrating is the most important part of that. After 90 minutes your body is completely zapped of water, especially after conditions like that," he admitted.

"We'll look at the Dubs now. Everyone knows their capabilities - they're super-fit and super-attacking and have great defenders as well. They're ticking all the boxes at the minute. Some people might say you could fear them, but at the end of the day it's 15 v 15."