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McGuinness 'annoyed' by backlash against Donegal

DONEGAL football manager Jim McGuinness has admitted the negative coverage of his team's performance against Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final "annoyed" him and branded some of the more hysterical aspects of the backlash as "disrespectful".

The Glenties native also said the notion that his team could play the sort of football some pundits pined for wasn't a "reality".

"People can criticise if they have a problem with Jim McGuinness or any of his management team, but things that were said in the press were disrespectful to the players," said McGuinness, whose side scored just six points against Pat Gilroy's men.

"There was no consideration about all the effort and some of the comments were definitely over the top. I knew how hard these lads have worked and they shouldn't be disrespected."

"Where we came from, the self-esteem was low and they weren't getting results. You can't get better when you're getting beaten in the first round and not getting results.


"The pundits want us to play football that, in my view, is fantasy football. It isn't reality."

"The key thing for any manager is to try and improve the team. The middle third and last third in attacking is something we need to look at. We'd like to get more scores. It's all about perspective for us as a team in terms of where we came from last year.

"Maybe next year, when we have a year under our belt, we might carry more of a threat and maybe we can ask more questions offensively.

"If we were starting at zero last year, I feel now that we're maybe at 60 of where we'd like to be. The next 40pc will be harder found -- but that is the challenge for us."