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McEnaney branded ‘gutless’ by furious former selectors

MEATH manager Seamus McEnaney was last night branded "devious and cowardly" and "gutless and disrespectful" by former selectors Barry Callaghan and Liam Harnan, but he will continue as Royal supremo for next year.

No vote was taken on Banty’s continued tenure but many club delegates, upon hearing statements from both Callaghan and Harnan, requested the chance to lobby members before rubber-stamping his second year.

As McEnaney had a three-year agreement with the board, with a review after two, a detailed debate of his tenure ensued, with one delegate suggesting the county would be “a laughing stock” if they were to oust another senior football manager.


However, the debate concluded without anyone tabling a vote of no confidence and the board’s recommendation that McEnaney’s |new management team of Graham Geraghty (above), Marty McElkennon and Tom Keague be ratified was accepted.

Geraghty’s shock return to the Meath panel this year was a central theme in the statements read out, with Callaghan claiming that no member of the outgoing management team had seem him play in the 12 months previous to his call-up.

He added that having come to a joint conclusion on the issue, Callaghan was later informed by text that McEnaney |had decided to go against the wishes of the group.

“Seamus stated in the media that he had no regrets about dealing with other members of management in such a gutless and disrespectful way,” he added.

Harnan said McEnaney “devalued the input of his colleagues” and asked if the Monaghan man represented |“the best way or the only way” forward for Meath.

In addition, Seán Boylan was appointed as the new director of football for the county\