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McConville not in any hurry to hang up boots

OISíN McCONVILLE won't rush any retirement decisions after collecting his fifth All-Ireland club title with Crossmaglen.

There has been much speculation suggesting yesterday's showdown with St Brigid's might prove a club swansong for the man whose goal created inter-county All-Ireland history for Armagh in 2002.

But McConville, 35, was non-committal after helping Cross' to more Croke Park glory.

"It's funny, there's a lot of people trying to retire me," he mused. I don't know, I'll see what happens.

"The thing is, we're nearly in a new season already. Look, it doesn't matter. It's not about individuals.

"The team sheet might change a bit but the ethos and the character, everything within the club, stays the same.

past glories

"We lost that for a couple of years and we were hanging on and hanging on to past glories. Now we're moving on again and moving on as a club."

McConville won't finalise any decision before heading off on his honeymoon -- but he sounded conflicted by, on one hand, his love of playing and, on the other, concern for younger clubmen who are currently stuck on the bench.

"I love it and that's why I do it," he said.

"I've actually enjoyed the training, hard and all as it's been this year. I don't know, as I say, it's up in the air at this stage.

"I'm married now as well so I don't have full say in it. I've only got 50 per cent!"

He added: "One thing that isn't right is that we have players coming off the bench day in, day out that would grace any other club in the country.

"It's unfair to keep them on the bench.

"Some of them, we call them young, but they're 23 and 24 and it's time to give them the try too."