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McCaffrey lauds 'fantastic man full stop'


Jack McCaffrey

Jack McCaffrey

Jack McCaffrey

Jack McCaffrey has hailed Bernard Brogan as "fantastic man full stop" insisting that his last few difficult seasons with Dublin brought out the best in the retiring star.

Speaking yesterday at the launch of the Currency Fair Asian Games which take place in Kuala Lumpur next month, and before news of Brogan's retirement had been confirmed, McCaffrey hailed the impact he made throughout his career, hailing him as "one of Dublin's best ever players".

But he also pointed out that the St Oliver Plunkett's man had been a superb team mate as he battled his way back from a serious knee injury and subsequently found his minutes on the pitch limited.

"Bernard is a guy who initially when I was coming into the squad and was 19, I would have thought he's a very strong character, all the ball has to go through him and that kind of stuff, just to see the kind of team-mate he's been, the kind of friend he's been.

"It's amazing that he has twins, he's married, he works in business, he's in a very different stage in his life than I would be, but the time he takes with everybody, from the youngest member of the panel to the oldest, he's just a fantastic man.

He's a fantastic man full stop. That's probably the most important thing about him.

"Something I've mentioned in interviews before about him is that he really made the transition, in my eyes anyway, from being one of Dublin's best ever players, an absolute legend, to in the last couple of years when he's had the cruciate injury and things that at his stage would have stopped a lot of people in their tracks.

"He's just kept the head down and been completely and utterly selfless and gone about his business."


Brogan's retirement will spark speculation that a few more of Dublin's veterans could follow suit.

"It is an annual thing there is always a bit of evolution in the squad.

"Obviously the Dublin U20s got to an All Ireland final last year so I'm sure there'll be a few of those lads looking to come in and kick on and you are right to point out that a fair few of us had been on the road for a fair while and have family commitments and stuff.

But again nothing has been said to anyone yet, it is big decision for anyone to make to finish up playing intercounty football so there is no sense rushing it in an off season."

However McCaffrey expects manager Jim Gavin to be at the helm in 2020.

"I haven't been chatting to him since the celebrations afterwards. I'm assuming and hoping he is back? I have said it before, I don't see any reason to think he wouldn't be."