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Robert Hennelly: Couldn't be faulted for James O'Donoghue's quicksilver finish - but could he have come for the original high ball on top of Kieran Donaghy? Found his man from a majority of kickouts until suffering some late slippage. RATING 7

Keith Higgins: His duel with James O'Donoghue was nearly worth the admission fee alone. The Kerry ace may have marginally shaded it, but Higgins was still a bundle of tenacity, with a few trademark surges in the second half for good measure. RATING 8

Ger Cafferkey: Paul Geaney didn't score from play but don't be lulled by that stat. Was caught on the wrong side more than once early on (Geaney missing a goal chance in the process) while he struggled to negate Kieran Donaghy's target man impact, albeit labouring with a calf injury by then. RATING 6

Tom Cunniffe: Caught out by Stephen O'Brien for the opening point, then spent the rest of the first half as a double-teaming 'sweeper' in front of O'Donoghue. Fluffed a great chance to edge Mayo two ahead late on. RATING 6

Colm Boyle: Magnificent from first minute 'til last, bar one uncharacteristic spillage which let O'Donoghue in for a goal chance that flew over. Got the better of Stephen O'Brien, Declan O'Sullivan and Michael Geaney, and kicked an inspirational point for good measure. RATING 9

Donal Vaughan: Like Mayo in microcosm. Struggled to contain Johnny Buckley in the first half, but then threw off the shackles. His storming second half was crowned by the run which led to the penalty, and then an excellent foot-pass assist for Cillian O'Connor. RATING 8

Lee Keegan: We didn't see much of his usual dynamism until he broke forward to kick an excellent point from the right wing in the 32nd minute. Two minutes later, his harmless but petulant kick aimed at Buckley led to a straight red, and docked marks accordingly. RATING 5

Jason Gibbons: His 11th hour call-up had been widely predicted, but he failed to justify elevation as lack of match practice told. Didn't resurface for the second half. RATING 5

Séamus O'Shea: By his own recent standards, O'Shea the elder was relatively subdued - but his initial burst created the opening for Vaughan to win the penalty, while he caught the final ball in his goalmouth to ensure parity. RATING 6

Kevin McLoughlin: Something of a mixed bag in the first half, winning four kickouts but turning over possession more than once while dropping a free short. Much improved, though, after switching to wing-back on the resumption. RATING 7

Aidan O'Shea: A show-stopper, from humble beginnings. Tended to run into traffic during a less-than-stellar first half but, in Mayo's hour of need, his bulldozing runs carried his team to new heights. RATING 9

Jason Doherty: Dipped from his recent high benchmark. Tackled hard, as ever, but only a marginal attacking influence. Took his point chance sharply, only to be replaced five minutes later. RATING 6

Cillian O'Connor: You could quibble with his four first half wides, especially the glorious goal chance skewed into the side-netting. But that's more than countered by his 1-8, including three superb efforts from play; his nerveless penalty; and his superb tackling, leading directly to a point for Alan Dillon and another for himself. RATING 9

Alan Freeman: His flick-on created the early goal chance for O'Connor, he also won a converted free and his soaring catch ultimately led to another Dillon point; but otherwise Marc Ó Sé had the upper hand and he was second man off. RATING 6

Alan Dillon: Not for the first time, Mayo's veteran rose to the semi-final occasion. Three big points, including two that ignited the comeback, plus an exquisite foot pass assist for Andy Moran. RATING 8


Tom Parsons: On at midfield for second half but negligible impact, bar late pass to set up Moran point. RATING 5

Andy Moran: A defiant - and crucial - cameo from the omitted skipper. His crossfield pass led to Doherty's point, then kicked two of his own. RATING 7

Michael Conroy: Toiled earnestly from deep. RATING 6

Mikey Sweeney: Brief cameo coincided with Kerry's late surge. RATING 6

Kevin Keane: Not on long enough.

- Compiled by Frank Roche