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Magic Maur's swamp Isles


Stephen Boghan of St Maur's in action against Jamie Perry of Erin's Isle. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Stephen Boghan of St Maur's in action against Jamie Perry of Erin's Isle. Picture: Caroline Quinn

Stephen Boghan of St Maur's in action against Jamie Perry of Erin's Isle. Picture: Caroline Quinn

ST MAUR'S 7-10, ERIN'S ISLE 0-6 - A SIZZLING Saturday afternoon for the sun lotion, sunglasses, a 99, gallons of bottled water ... and thoughts of times past. The memories just drip off the ceiling at Farnham Drive.

So many leaders of men ... Keith Barr, Mick Deegan, Charlie and the rest. Isles are now moulding another inspirational figure in their captain, Jamie Perry.

He played in the engine room. It was hard work in the heat. Maur's are a magnificent side. But Jamie kept going.

In the second half, Jake Moloney burst from defence like the Deego of old. Simon McCarthy likewise.

Robin Fitzpatrick hit two tasty second-half points that Ciarán O'Hare would be proud to call his own. Full-back Thomas Fox has promise in the boots.

The Finglas team won't meet a better side in a month of Saturdays. Maur's top the table. This was their sixth win from six. They were simply awesome.

They move the ball with such pace and their finishing was as crisp as a Tayto. Their skipper, Ciarán Archer, has a left foot that could serve the strawberries and cream.

They turned so much possession into profit. Michael Leonard, Stephen Bogan and Neil Rock are classy footballers.

But they have quality all over the pitch. "The lads show huge commitment and this was another good team display," noted Maur's manager, Darren Rock.

"We are playing well. We have strength in depth. We have introduced some new personnel from the school, so we are happy with the progress."

Darren's co-pilot is Julian Sweetman, a folk hero of the North County, and one of the finest footballers of his generation.

Maur's weren't lingering too long on this triumph. "We have Ballymun next. They are second in the table, so that will be a test," added Darren.



Isles were joint second before throw-in. They had won four from five. Unfortunately, injury saw them without some pivotal performers. But they weren't making a Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire about it.

"We are having a good season. We have a fine team. It wasn't our day, but Maur's were just super," judged Daran Fox.

"Maur's played some great football, but our fellas will bounce back. And we have had some decent results this year."

Referee Finbar Gaffney kept the ball bouncing. His little words of wisdom helped the players. And he didn't get an ounce of dissent from both teams or both sidelines. Van Morrison might have told him that there would be days like this.

Early on, the hosts enjoyed some bright moments. And with the breeze that blew into the pitch and putt end, they showed their best hand in the second period.

But it was hard to contain the Rush club who broke from the back with power and who hardly wasted a pass.

Maur's had three goals in the bank inside the first 12 minutes. Bogan sent a sizzler to the roof, Stephen Clarke tucked low to the left corner and Archer belted one in off the underside of the bar.

Alan McGrath was then in the right place to also rustle the net, and even the home supporters were applauding the Maur's Magic.

They were also saluting the spirit of the Isles, who hit some excellent points from Perry, Conor Cunningham, Fox, Fitzpatrick and the talented Craig Proctor-Malone.

Yet the visitors kept storming forward, and second-half goals from Rock and Luke Ring helped to enhance their tally.

The sun continued to shine. And so did the efforts of the players. Robbie Williams is coming to town this week. He'll do well to match this entertainment.