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Magee: You want to get back out on the field


Johnny Magee. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Johnny Magee. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Johnny Magee. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Former Dublin star Johnny Magee believes many GAA players are crying out for the green light to resume training after almost three months in lockdown.

The Kilmacud selector-coach is awaiting the imminent unveiling of Croke Park's 'return to play' roadmap, and is hopeful that pitches will be opened up for 'pod' training in advance of the July 20 date originally flagged.

His optimism appears to be widely shared, with hopeful indicators that pitches could reopen by the end of this month.

"The way things have gone in relation to Covid-19, all signs are positive and it would be great to open up facilities and the pitches, with the proper guidelines for clubs to get back training, whether it's back in their pods, and then with a view to get back to contact (training)," Magee told The Herald.

"You want to get back out on the field. I know, for me, GAA has been a massive part of my life and still is. I've become a GPO, it's my job ... my four girls are all involved.

"I haven't played in eight years, and I still struggle with the fact that I don't play. But I still get that involvement of being involved with Kilmacud and being involved in coaching. I still feel a part of it.

"I don't know how I would have been able to handle the situation if I was still training to play for Kilmacud or Dublin, from a mental perspective, where your life is on hold."

Magee strongly supports Croke Park's official position that club championships should start up before any return to inter-county action later in the year.

"Absolutely," he agreed. "At least then you give clubs the opportunity to play football and hurling, you allow the county players to be with their club teams and then they're released to play county."