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Look at 'bigger picture' and not transfer targets Dublin clubs are told


A general view of Croke Park

A general view of Croke Park

A general view of Croke Park

JOHN COSTELLO has urged Dublin GAA clubs to "look at the bigger picture" before trying to coax talented players away from lower division rivals, writes Frank Roche.

The county board CEO highlights the issue in his secretary's report to next Monday's annual Dublin convention - and blames much of the transfer activity on the influence of "hired hand" managers.

"Talented players from clubs participating in the lower divisions are often targeted by top Division 1 clubs," he writes. "If these transfers are approved, it often has a detrimental effect on the morale of the club/team affected.

"All clubs should look at the 'bigger picture' when processing transfer applications. Before a club secretary signs the transfer application for an incoming player, the club executive should contact the player's club to discuss the situation with their counterparts. Regretfully this does not happen and I would encourage a greater respect for the work that each club does.

"In certain cases, transfers are instigated by a team manager who, in many circumstances, is a hired hand. Club officers should not delegate authority to their team managers to recruit members to their club."

* With the inter-county dual star on the "verge of extinction", Costello warns of an "inevitable crux" for dual club players once the calendar club year is introduced, adding: "Players who excel at both codes may have to start making some very hard choices."