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Logan snubbed by Tipp after dramatic evening

A sour end to a truly bizarre night in Parnell Park.

The upshot was that Tyrone were crowned EirGrid All-Ireland under-21 champions, 1-11 to 0-13 victors over Tipperary - but that was nearly an aside.

Afterwards, Tyrone manager Fergal Logan was denied access to the Tipperary dressing-room, apparently by a member of the Premier county board, so offended were they by the behaviour of his team.

Earlier, two spectators - one from each participant county and sitting not 20 metres from one another in the main stand in Parnell Park - suffered cardiac episodes within minutes of one another.

Thus, 50 minutes passed between the end of the first half and the start of the second.

A man in his 70s from Tipperary died. The Tyrone man was resuscitated - by Logan's brother, amongst others.

"I can promise you this. I've told our men never to sledge or talk to people, not to conduct themselves cynically," Logan said, having taken a minute to cool down following his dressing-room rebuff before speaking to media.

"There was boys buying frees on both side probably today. And I'm very just disappointed that in the GAA world, something like that would happen."

For the record, Logan let it be known that he didn't want to make an issue of the snub, but it clearly tainted his evening of triumph.

Afterwards, Tipperary boss Tommy Toomey spoke acidic words, though he seemed genuinely unaware about the Logan boycott, which took place as Toomey was conducting his media duties.

"We went out to play the game in the right manner," he began.

"Tyrone went out to play the game their way. We knew what we were coming into.

"We had the boys well versed what to expect verbally ... I give great credit to Tyrone for the way they play football.


"I don't think they should be going at that stuff. I think they are better at playing football."

Yes, Tipperary led by two at the break, one that began at 6.32 and ended at 7.24. But so too were they up by the same amount ten minutes in, so it's not clear how either side were affected.

"My own brother, Michael Logan, went out to help the man and he told me he helped resuscitate a Tyrone man in the stands and to be honest, when I heard that, I thought 'catch yourself on Fergal, football's not that important'."

"And I was delighted that Michael was able to go out and help. It was a long wait. But it probably didn't suit Tipperary because they were probably thinking about the winning post. We knew they would be thinking about the winning post.

"And listen, how many times is it that you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?" concluded the Tyrone boss.

SCORERS - Tyrone: C McShane 1-0, D McNulty 0-3 (2f), M Kavanagh, M Bradley, L Brennan (2f) 0-2 each, C Meyler, M Cassidy 0-1 each. Tipperary: K O'Halloran 0-6 (5f), J Keane 0-3 (1f), C O'Riordan 0-2 (1f), B Maher, I Fahey 0-1 each.

Tyrone: S Fox; R Mullan, P Hampsey, C McLaughlin; M Cassidy, R Brennan, K McGeary; C McShane, D McNulty; M Kavanagh, C Meyler, M Walsh; L Brennan, F Burns, M Bradley. Subs: R McGlone for Walsh (h-t), R Kelly for McShane (59), P McKenna for Brennan (62).

Tipperary: E Comerford; K Fahey, J Feehan, C O'Shaughnessy; R Mulcahy, L Boland, B Maher; S O'Brien, C O'Riordan; J Lonergan, I Fahey, L Casey; K O'Halloran, J Keane, P Maher. Subs: J McGrath for P Maher (53).

WIDES - Tyrone: 13 (10 + 3). Tipperary: 9 (3 + 6).

BOOKED - Tyrone: (McGeary 25, 75), McShane (26). Tipperary: Keane (26).

SENT OFF - Tyrone: 1 (McGeary 2nd yellow).

ATTENDANCE: 6,000 (est).

REF: F Kelly (Longford).

MAN OF THE MATCH: Cathal McShane (Tyrone).