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let's enjoy it while we can

"LET'S enjoy it while we can."

They are the wise words of Dublin All-Ireland winning defender, Ciarán Walsh (right).

The Dubs again won Leinster in a canter this season following handsome victories over Longford, Kildare and Westmeath last Sunday.

But the St Anne's legend can well remember the days when Leinster Championships were hard won.

And Sam was a very infrequent visitor to the Capital.

"It has been a great time for Dublin football, but people shouldn't forget the lean years," states Ciarán. "It's been marvellous winning two All-Ireland titles in the last few years. It's a wonderful achievement for the management and players."

And Ciarán predicts there are many more good days ahead for this Dublin side. And that they'll be very much in the mix again this term.

"I still think there's a lot of development to come from this team. They still have a lot to prove, and they have the capability to prove it."