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Legend Lar had Carty's quip licked

THERE was a quiet start to the Donegal v Cork National Football League tie on Sunday.

So much so that Brian Carthy came on the radio and declared: "You could put all the scores here on the back of a stamp."

It reminded listeners of the time when the great Lar Foley was managing the Dublin hurlers. One day Lar was asked for his thoughts on the game.

"Sure, I could put those on the back of a stamp," he replied.

That was Lar -- straight to the point, on and off the pitch.

History's a hit with Lyster!

RTé'S Michael Lyster was the MC at the Camogie Association Mick Dunne Media awards in Croke Park on Saturday night.

Cavan presented Michael with a copy of their award-winning publication, 'The History of Cavan Camogie.'


"As they say, it's a mighty tome. I'm very impressed with it," he said.

"Huge work must have gone into it and I'm very grateful for my copy.

"But I'll have to be careful not to leave it lying around the house.

"If the wife is in bad form with me and she hits me over the head with it, I'll never get up," he quipped.

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