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Laois dismiss bluffer slur

THE Laois football fraternity have come out forcefully on the side of former manager Mick O'Dwyer after disparaging comments made about him by Colm Parkinson.

Former Laois senior and current Parnell's man Parkinson was highly critical of O'Dwyer's management style in a radio interview, describing the Waterville man as "an absolute bluffer" and "an awful man manager."

Parkinson was asked whether he felt that O'Dwyer - under whom he won a Leinster title in 2003 - would "have something up his sleeve" to help his current charges, Wicklow, beat Carlow in their Leinster SFC opener in Portlaoise - a match the Garden County won by 10 points.

"I can tell you now that Micko will have nothing up his sleeve," responded Parkinson. "He's an absolute bluffer. He's an awful man manager. He has favourites. He could pass by subs and not even know them. He'd have three or four favourites and that's it."

However, current Laois chairman Brian Allen has distanced the county board from Parkinson's remarks and rejected the claims of unfamiliarity between O'Dwyer and some players.

"We certainly wouldn't associate ourselves with those comments," Allen told the Herald. "We never had any problems with him not knowing players or anything like that.

"There was no question of it. The players were very happy and we got the success at the time which proved how good a job he was doing."

One former player ,who didn't wish to be named, told the Herald this morning: "All that is in the past but there were two sides to the story." However, he added that he had found O'Dwyer to be "anything but" a bluffer.