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Ladies first with two-pointer

THE best thing since sliced bread. Everybody is talking about the two-pointer.

"Every girl in the country should be out there practising," announced the new camogie chief, Aileen Lawlor.

The decision to award two points for a sideline cut has been warmly greeted.

It's a rich skill. It demands hours in the rehearsal room. It's a sweet science.

It demands perfection. And a successful sideline conversion cheers up the game.

Imagine the scenario. Dublin in the All-Ireland final and trailing by a point. They win a sideline. It's to be the last action of the day. A Stephen Cluxton moment.

The rule change has already brought much acclaim to the camogie folk. Just like the direct pick-up has enriched ladies football.

Maybe in time, hurling will bring in two points for a sideline, and the football men can lift the ball directly off the turf.

Not before time, say many. And if these changes did happen, the fellas would have to hold open the door and say, ladies first!