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Know your Forde model

"HAVING played centre stage on football fields throughout the country and with Ireland's Compromise Rules team in Australia, Matty Forde was left counting the cost of a fruitless weekend ...

Wexford's lone All Star footballer was left choking with embarrassment at Wexford Park on Saturday afternoon -- no, not Sunday and qualifier defeat to Cork."

"On Saturday...his club, Kilanerin, was playing Castletown in the All-County Premier football league final ... on approaching the gate to join up with his club colleagues ... Matty was refused entry by three gatemen. They demanded production of a pass ... County Secretary, Margaret Doyle rightly intervened, bringing an end to the saga which brought discredit on Wexford GAA."

- The WEXFORD PEOPLE heaping shame on a couple of jobsworths in Wexford Park last weekend. Good thing Matty never resorted to the old 'Do you know who I am?' rhetoric.

Bygone days of Free love

"A win over Derry in Celtic Park. It's the stuff dreams are made of. The mind rambles to bygone days ... It was back in Micko's early days. A game that saw the great Martin Lynch from Clane play its entirely with his wooly cap firmly in place such was the cold. "A time when we were told amid spits and anger to "f**k off back to the Free State ye shower of bastards."

- The LEINSTER LEADER pines for the good old days of cross-border match day banter.

Clough hits a Wee nerve

"What was it that Brian Clough notoriously said to the Leeds players when he first met them on taking over from Don Revie? You can chuck all the medals you won in the dustbin because you won them by cheating."

- The ARGUS, letting sleeping dogs lie on the prickly subject of the Leinster final chaos.