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Knockouts now a real target for Hegarty


Dublin Camogie player Hannah Hegarty

Dublin Camogie player Hannah Hegarty

Dublin Camogie player Hannah Hegarty

Dublin captain Hannah Hegarty is keen to prove that reaching an All-Ireland camogie semi-final in 2017 was no once-off.

The revised Liberty Insurance senior championship draw has opened a window of opportunity.

Originally in a six-team group with heavyweights Cork and Kilkenny, Dublin now face round-robin games against Clare and Tipperary, with the top two advancing. "Quarter-final is definitely a really good possibility for us," says Hegarty.

"Obviously it all depends on how performances go on the day, you don't know what other county teams have been up to the past few months, what they'd been doing prior to that. But all we can do is focus on ourselves. We know that we have those two games to just knuckle down and get through them."


Hegarty conceded that in the wake of Dublin's semi-final exit to Kilkenny in 2017, "we don't want to call it a pressure but there's the expectation that we can get to the later stages ... it's just about holding ourselves to that standard.

"Obviously you go through a lot of changes with players and stuff, year in, year out. I know myself I didn't commit to the team last year. So, you're always facing that and it's always a challenge when you do have a turnover of players.

"But we know that we're capable of getting there. It's just about the belief, I suppose, that we're good enough to do it each year - year in, year out - and it's not a once-off."