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Kilkenny's big fat aura

YOU don't win eight All-Irelands in 13 years without building up a bit of mythology about yourself and so it's little wonder that Kilkenny are as steeped in aura as any hurler since Cú Chulainn.

The artist formerly known as Setanta gained his better-known name after slaying Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defence by driving a sliotar down the hound's throat with a hurley, a feat we wouldn't put remotely beyond his successors as the ancient game's kings, Tommy Walsh or Henry Shefflin.

In his excellent column for gaa.ie, 'On The Line,' Donal óg Cusack considers the subject of the Cat's aura. "Kilkenny have what all great teams have - a big, fat aura," writes the Cork 'keeper.

"Nothing gets inside the head of a player like an aura. It's not just the years and years of winning that make the aura, it's the other things that Kilkenny put out there.

"We don't do tactics. We hardly ever do media. Our toughest games are in training.

"We play on the edge. It's a manly game.

"Anybody who says otherwise is trying to influence the referee and to upset us."

Be warned though... hell hath no fury like a Stepford Wife scorned.