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Kildare on new path


Ciaran Fitzpatrick. Photo: Sportsfile

Ciaran Fitzpatrick. Photo: Sportsfile

Ciaran Fitzpatrick. Photo: Sportsfile

"It's a pipedream playing 15-on-15 and this perfect brand of football," says Ciarán Fitzpatrick.

"If you look at a lot of the older games, the tackles that used to go in, hatchet men and all this kind of stuff, it's just a totally different game."

The Kildare defender should know.

He was there, wearing the number two jersey on the day they conceded seven goals to Kerry, a defeat too far for Jason Ryan's tenure as manager.

"People are gonna come up with new game-plans," he suggests.

"You see it in every different sport. You see rugby, every two years there's a different sort of game-plan. Like the kicking game, and that goes out.

"Now everyone is trying to bring in the southern hemisphere style.

"The game changes and evolves. I just don't think that they're living in the real world to be honest."

The 'they're' to whom Fitzpatrick refers are the talking heads who deride any team's attempts to be competitive by pursuing a more pragmatic game-plan.

In light of last year's hammerings by Dublin and Kerry in Croke Park, a move to a more compact structure is an easier sell locally for Cian O'Neill.

"The Kerry game was something that a lot of us have been sick over," Fitzpatrick admits.

"Personally, I know myself I found it very hard to even go back and watch it. After a game like that you're avoiding people.

"I'm lucky I'm living up in Dublin so I'm not seeing people every day, I'm walking down the street and no-one knows me.


"But for lads around Kildare, if you are living there, you can hear people talking about it.

"We've just put it to the back of our minds now.

"We know it was a bad performance, things didn't work out but we know we need to build on something and we're working to a game-plan at the moment."

"We seem to have really adapted to it now," Fitzpatrick adds, after Kildare kept Wexford to eight points in their last match.

"We're working on it a lot in training so it's just a matter of more practice, more games, more training sessions, working on it.

"You can see it, lads are getting more confident," he concluded.