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Kieran Donaghy: We have to be ready for anything the Dubs throw at us


Kerry's Kieran Donaghy

Kerry's Kieran Donaghy

Kerry's Kieran Donaghy

KIERAN Donaghy says Kerry "have to be ready for anything," from Stephen Cluxton's kick-outs this Sunday.

Kerry have had mixed results over the years in their bid to curb the Dublin captain's influence from restarts, universally accepted as one of the primary and most crucial battle grounds in this year's All-Ireland final.

"We can't just fall into the trap and think that these are going to go short all the time," insisted Donaghy, this year's Kerry captain.

"Very possibly you could see a scenario where they show a bit of confidence in their guys out there and catch us off guard and hit those guys because they're well capable.

"We're going to have to play it as we see it on the day."

It is the first time the teams have met in an All-Ireland final since 2011 and while Donaghy stresses "a lot of water under the bridge since then," he acknowledges the day as one of the lowest points in his inter-county career.

"How long they had been waiting (for an All-Ireland title) and the way they went and won it, it was storybook stuff with the free at the end," he admitted.

"It wasn't my most disappointing because I've had a few but it was a tough one to take. But it was a tough few days after that."

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