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Kettle: Dublin SFC tie dates depend on Blues' safe passage

POSTPONED Dublin SFC ties are set to be refixed for the weekends in between Dublin's first two Leinster SFC ties - provided Pat Gilroy's men forge a safe passage through to the provincial final.

However, county board chairman, Andy Kettle, has admitted that a defeat for the All-Ireland champions prior to the Leinster decider would represent "a doomsday scenario" with regard to having the championship played off in time to guarantee Dublin representation in this year's Leinster club championship.

Dublin U21's progression to Sunday week's All-Ireland final has forced the cancellation of two of the three rounds of the club SFC, originally scheduled to be played prior to Dublin's Leinster opener against Westmeath or Louth on June 3, leaving the CCC with two rounds to make up in an already jammed calendar.

But Kettle insisted that there was provision for playing club games in between Dublin's championship outings, a departure from recent seasons.

"There is a wide enough gap after the first round of Leinster, provided Dublin get through," Kettle explained.

"And I would see a second round being played between that and the Leinster final, again provided we win. There is four weeks there so there is plenty of time."

Kettle added: "Pat Gilroy has already said he is open to players going back to their clubs during the championship and he has been very fair about it. So it would be up to the CCC to fix it for that time."

However, in the event that Dublin fail to win their Leinster opener or a potential semi-final with Longford, Laois or Wexford and are thrown into a hectic qualifier schedule, a similar situation to last season would emerge when the county board were forced to ask Leinster Council for the provincial club first round to be put back.

"Back door is a doomsday scenario," Kettle admitted. "And in that case, there would have to be a lot of head scratching from everyone. There would have to be a lot of corner cutting by the clubs and the county players and management if they do want a representative in Leinster."

Leinster Council have already made it clear that they will not accede to any similar requests this year, and Kettle conceded: "It's not a cause for immediate concern but it's something we're keeping a very close eye on."