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Kerry show way of how to do business

IF you want a lesson in how to go about things nice and quietly and ensure the pillars of success are in place and being improved upon, look no further than the hugely successful football county of Kerry.

Today, Jack O'Connor is announced as their Under 21 Manager for season 2015-2016 and no doubt a year or two beyond. Continuity is assured as Jack is the successful manager of their minors (they won last years All Ireland) and the plan looks to be a natural progression through the grades and then set for another stint at the seniors.

Do they ever tire of winning? The question I pose is a silly one for, like their hurling counterparts in Kilkenny, success demands further success and winning is a feeling they know only too well.

Just recently, the Kerry GAA announced they had surpassed the €1 million mark for the American leg of their fundraising tour and that will help to finance their planned Centre of Excellence. There are of course other funds already secured from sponsors and grants but the totals in from the three-city US tour are staggering. It reached $1.15 million (€1,028,000) in gross proceeds from special events, auctions and golf outings in Boston, New York and Chicago. That's the way to do things.

My own gang down in Mayo published (boasted?) about their returns from the New York game in 2014. Suffice to say, the biscuit tin allegedly used at the door of the find-raiser(s) was big enough to repatriate the proceeds in.

The Kerry Board head for London shortly for the final fundraiser. My Sunday Game colleague Pat Spillane is all aboard for the trip and will no doubt regale the audiences with his wit and old war stories.

Did I just say Pat Spillane and London in the one sentence? Now it all adds up! No wonder he disagreed entirely with my position on London's participation in the championship proper and went on to 'big them up' on the Sunday night show.

As I said, if you want a lesson in how to go about things, don't look beyond a Kerry man's plan!