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Keher slams Canning

KILKENNY legend Eddie Keher insists he was "horrified" by Joe Canning's accusations of unsportsmanlike behaviour from Henry Shefflin in last Sunday's All-Ireland SHC final draw.

The Portumna man outlined how Shefflin "ran 30 or 40 yards down the pitch and was giving out to Barry Kelly" in an attempt to influence the referee's decision-making.

"Henry Shefflin is the greatest hurler of all time," Keher told the Herald. "He's a most sporting player and he's competitive, like all of us and if he did remonstrate with the referee, it's because he had cause to. There were a couple of occasions when Tommy Walsh was floored off the ball and there was no free.

"I'm extremely surprised at what Joe Canning said. I only heard positive comments from Kilkenny for Joe Canning and for Galway after the match."

Keher also insisted that there would be "no rift" between Shefflin and JJ Delaney despite Canning's revelations that the latter was unhappy with the former's decision to take a point from a late penalty.

"I can guarantee, there will be no rift between Henry and JJ and that Joe Canning's comments will galvanise Kilkenny for the replay," he said.