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Keaney: We'll all have to make smarter tackles


Conal Keaney.

Conal Keaney.

Conal Keaney.

CONAL KEANEY has warned that inter-county hurlers will have to moderate their tackling this season to avoid the red peril that saw a number of players controversially sent off in last year's championship.

"I think you'll have to be a bit smarter," the Dublin talisman suggested. "You can't go rushing into tackles headless as in the past, where you maybe could have got away with it.

"But now referees are picking up on absolutely everything and they're under pressure to make decisions, and obviously the football has had a small sway on things in that they can't be seen to let too much go."

Reflecting on how the game is now "all about speed" and moving the ball at pace, with tackling a smaller element, Keaney added: "Maybe there were harsh sending-offs last year like (Ryan O'Dwyer's for Dublin against Cork), but that's the way it's going and you have to move with it. If players at this level are good enough and intelligent enough, they can develop their games to adapt to it."