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Keane elated by growth in membership

THE Blue Armada is growing by the week. Chairman Joe Keane is thrilled.

He hails from Clann Mhuire in the north county. Football country. Out in the Naul, football is discussed more than the weather.

The climate surrounding ladies football couldn't be better.

"The game is more popular than ever," said Joe.

"It is developing all the time. We anticipate this year that we will have 10,000 members registered. That's excellent progress."

The youth is at the heart of it. Encouraging and embellishing their involvement is key.

"The future in Dublin looks very good. And it is all about bringing the younger players through.

"We saw the excitement of the young St Vincent's and Ballymun Kickhams players at the last senior game against Cork in Parnell Park when they were getting the autographs of the players."

Having the flagship side doing well is also crucial.

"We set the stall out at the beginning of the year to be competitive and that has been the case. When you are competing well against the likes of Cork, you are competing against the best," added Joe.

And Joe is pleased to see such a youthful flavour in Gregory McGonigle's squad. "In fairness to Greg and his management, they are giving the young players their chance. It's nice to see the minors coming through and doing so well."

Clann Mhuire are also prospering. They have gained much county recognition. And they wear their motto on their sleeve – Small Village – Big Dreams.