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Join the party in Dublin's Yearbook

THE editor has been on the blower, and he wants copy and pictures -- NOW!

Gerry O'Sullivan is once again the chief at the desk, and, in the words of Christy Moore, the Dublin Yearbook 2013 has started its voyage.

"It is a very important publication," stresses Gerry.

"It chronicles all the happenings of the county at all levels. And it is one of the longest running publications of its kind.

"We'd love to see every club in Dublin make a contribution. That would be absolutely marvellous. It would put their club in lights, so to speak."

But the deadline is fast approaching. Articles and pictures must be submitted by Friday, October 19.

"Clubs can write about anything they like," explains Gerry. "They might like to focus on one or two outstanding achievements, new developments, anniversaries, etc. We leave it up to them.

"But we'd like to get obituaries of those who passed away in 2012 with a photograph."

Articles should be emailed to yearbook2013@live.ie or forwarded to Parnell Park on diskette.

"Articles shouldn't be more than 700 words, with the maximum number of pictures being five."

CASTLEKNOCK and Dublin will wish all the very best to young Ciarán Kilkenny as he heads Down Under.

Ciarán is from good stock. He's related to Galway great, Sean Purcell.

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