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Jim Gavin: 'They got a bit of a purple patch in some areas that we will focus on now'


Dubs boss Jim Gavin

Dubs boss Jim Gavin

Brian Fenton

Brian Fenton


Dubs boss Jim Gavin

FACING the media has never been a task that has phased Jim Gavin but yesterday was tough.

Not that the Dublin manager was perturbed in any way by some mischievous line of questioning.

It's just hard to dress a massacre up as a skirmish.

"We were very focused on Longford and a lot of guys showed very good application during the game and 4-21 we got from play was quite impressive," he began.

"I am very pleased that we got over the first hurdle." What, if anything, can Dublin take from it?

Destroying poor teams has long been money for jam for Dublin.

Not until their resolve is taken out, pawed and prodded, will Gavin know whether the frailties of last August have been resolved.

"We will take a lot from it," he continued.

"We had not looked beyond this game so nothing has been discussed in the camp.

"We will talk about it tonight ,of course.

"But until we had won it was not mentioned. We had a job to do and I am very satisfied that they did that."

Prior to the match, Jack Sheedy went on the record as saying he wouldn't compromise Longford's style in favour of a more populated approach to defence.


What that might have achieved is now a moot point.

"Jack would be more of a traditionalist like myself," Gavin said.

"I have looked at his teams and I have followed them in the club game some of the teams he has played. He plays a very traditional game, like myself, so I was not surprised.

"It was a good performance," he went on, "but in the first half they got a bit of a purple patch in some areas that we will focus on there are always learnings in any game.

"The review process we have whether we win or otherwise is the same and there will be lots of feedback given to the players on areas we feel the need to improve on."

For a team as settle as Dublin, three debutants was a significant number, particuarly down the spine of the side.

David Byrne kept Brian Kavanagh to a point from play. John Small was tidy at centre-back and Brian Fenton was solid in midfield.

"I thought they did very well," Gavin praised.

"It's a big day for any player in his inter-county career a big milestone event and they'll all remember it their very first inter-county game and then the build-up to it, the pride their family and clubs take and it is a big day for them. And I felt they all managed it very well during the week and all did very well each and every one of them."

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