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It's time to dump the sin bin

BIN the bin. More and more players are saying it.

The sin bin is part of the furniture in ladies football, but it's beginning to lose its odour.

There is very little serious fouling in the sport.

Most of the offences come from clumsy or mis-timed tackles or challenges.

The intent is very low. But the price is high. Ten minutes in the bin can cost a team.

Overall, ladies football is very sporting. If a player is injured, the opponent will often show concern. Dissent is limited.


Spectators often remark how clean the ladies game is. The players just get on with it.

Yet the sin bin looms large like the elephant in the room. Being banished to the bin brings back memories of being asked to stand in the corner of the class for dropping your pencil.

A yellow card on its own is enough. A deliberate foul like a jersey pull deserves a yellow, but nothing more. Do it again and out comes the red. That's fair enough.

But for players to face the indignity of the bin for minor, often accidental fouls is a bit much. The time has come to recycle the bin.