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'If I lost my hurley I'd throw my head in': O'Dwyer

BATTLE-SCARRED Ryan O'Dwyer reckons he has accumulated over 100 stitches throughout his career by putting his body in where it hurts - and he has no regrets either.

The Tipp native has become a blood-spattered Sky Blue hero during his first year with the capital hurlers - quite literally.

He has the war wounds to show for a litany of on-field collisions, most recently during Dublin's All-Ireland quarter-final victory over Limerick when he tallied a match-winning 3-2 - and then had to be stretchered from the field, blood pouring from a head wound.

"I think it's more stupidity from me, to be honest," he has now suggested.

"Like, you come off with a bit of blood on you and people think you've played well.

"To be honest, I'm the type of lad that when I'm on the field I don't care about myself," O'Dwyer added.

"I just throw my head in. If I lost my hurley I'd throw my head in. If it means stopping them getting the ball up the field or scoring a point, I'd gladly do that for the greater good.

"I know that might sound a bit 'Ah yeah, he's talking s***e, but I actually do believe that."

Many of O'Dwyer's facial scars date back to playing footall with his native club, Cashel King Cormac's.

"Scars heal, bruises heal, bones heal. As far as I'm concerned, it's for the greater good of the team," he reasoned.

"I've a history of broken bones and scars.

"I actually counted them up there the other day with my brother, all the scars I've had, and in my body I think I've had 100 stitches - most of them are this year alone.

"It's a physical game, you get these things, I'm not complaining," he concluded.