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Hurling: No resolution for delayed Dublin SHC

LAST night's crisis meeting of Dublin clubs and the CCC was postponed due to the death of former Innisfails and CCC chairman James Foran.

The meeting had been organised with a view to hammering out a new format for the remainder of the Dublin SHC, which is running chronically behind schedule, a situation which looks like leaving Dublin without representation in the Leinster club championship.

The county champions are due out on October 30 to take on the Westmeath winners in the first round of the provincial competition but, as it stands, just one group match has been played -- effectively leaving seven rounds left to get through before a winner can be identified.

Dublin's qualification for next month's All-Ireland U21 hurling final further rules out dates, while any potential replays would leave the championship running into the middle or end of November, so the CCC was keen to secure agreement from clubs to play off the remainder of the competition on a straight knock-out basis.

"It's all dependent on club agreement," said county board chairman Andy Kettle. "The only way the make-up of the competition can be changed now is by agreement of the clubs, and then a motion to the next county committee meeting. But that won't now be looked at until next week."

Kettle also revealed that Dublin had made representation to the provincial body for extra time but were met with a negative response.

"We've already appealed to Leinster Council and they've turned us down," added Kettle. "But it's not that we wouldn't go back again."