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Herald readers happy to help skin a Cat . . .

THE Evening Herald's Ten Step Guide to stopping the Cats, published in these pages two days ago, has obviously captured the imagination of . . . well, a couple of punters with time on their hands.

Our correspondents are obviously determined, by hook or by crook, to end this eternal Black-and-Amber reign and they've even suggested a few addendums to our list. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous to the patently illegal so, without passing judgement, here goes:

"Get that guy who whistles matches from Hill 16 to attend one of Cody's no-whistle sessions and blow his whistle constantly."

"Arrange an all-night rave in the team hotel."

"Contaminate their food."

"Have them hurl with one hand."

"Attach a bell to the collar of each Kilkenny player. Cats are intelligent and can learn to creep along so that the bell does not sound much, but this gives birds and other wildlife some warning of their approach," our reader notes, a tad too literally and surprisingly omitting Tipp defenders from his list of potential victims.

"Get 15 comedians from the Cats Laugh Festival to play them. It would make a change from the other comedians they meet everywhere else on the field of play, arf arf!" another emailer quips.

And finally the best one . . . "Don't bring on Benny Dunne."