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Heaslip: 'Johnny would be welcomed with open arms'

LEINSTER captain Jamie Heaslip is 'licking his lips' at the possible prospect of sharing club colours again with Jonathan Sexton.

"He knows he would be welcomed with open arms," reacted Heaslip to claims that Sexton will return to Leinster on a four-year contract at the end of this coming season.

The regard in which Sexton is held in European Rugby has convinced Toulon owner Mourad Boudjellal he is the man to step into the shoes of the retired Jonny Wilkinson

In addition, his current employer Racing Metro's Jacky Lorenzetti wants to build his club around him over the course of the next five seasons. "I don't think anyone would say they wouldn't want to play with Johnny," said Heaslip.

However, Sexton looks set to turn down the lure of financial security for a switch back to his home province he has obviously missed so much as he begins the second of his two-year deal at Racing.

"I loved playing with him at Leinster.

"I loved playing with him, when I had the chance, for Ireland. It was great to have a run-out with him in Argentina in the summer," he added.

"He is talking to all of us all of the time. Some of his best mates are in our changing room. He knows what's going on. He knows what the atmosphere is (at Leinster)".