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Harps heroine Lyndsey leads Dubs to safe harbour

GAME over. Job done. The skipper of the Blue Armada is one her way to the dressing-room.

Lyndsey Davey has long been decorating the Dublin jersey. And there's no better role model in the sport.

She glides through every game, working for the team, and always putting a few pence on the scoreboard.

There's never any fuss She just gets on with it. And her sports-womanship is outstanding.

Out in Skerries, she's a hero to the kids. The adults too.

On the pitch in Timahoe last Sunday, she pauses to reflect on Dublin's victory over Laois in the TG4 Leinster Senior Championship semi-final.

"The positive thing is that we got the result. It's great to get to the Leinster final, but we know we have work to do," stated Lyndsey.

"A lot of the under-21s made their debuts. And we have been developing a new team," she added.

"It was a good result, and we'll hope to build on the performance for the Leinster final."

Laois made the Dubs graft for the success.

"Yes, Laois played very well. We beat them well in the League a couple of months ago, but they have really picked up their standard.

"It's great for us that we got a competitive game in Leinster. And hopefully the standard in Leinster will keep on improving."