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Gooch refuses to blame ref

COLM COOPER has absolved referee Joe McQuillan of blame for Kerry's defeat in the All-Ireland final, despite local rumblings of discontent in the Kingdom about the Cavan man's performance .

Publicly, the Kerry camp have maintained their silence on McQuillan's performance, save for one interview given by Jack O'Connor to local radio on the Monday after the final when he claimed "it was much harder for our fellas to get frees than it was the other way around".

But Kerry's captain on the day says McQuillan wasn't to blame for the Kingdom's defeat.

"I didn't think the referee beat us to be fair," he said.

"I haven't watched it back or anything like that."

"I don't think the referee beat us.

"Every game there is debatable decisions, I think that is a free or I don't think that is a free.


"It's a case of maybe that's where Jack was coming from.

"I haven't talked to him much since the final, so I don't know.

"Look, the referee didn't beat us at all and we wouldn't be cribbing about that. Maybe one or two frees that we might have felt we should have got, but that would be about it," he added.