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Golden Doreen a 'mum' in a million

MOTHER'S DAY on Sunday. The flowers and the chocolates will have to wait. Dublin will be on the road early.

Doreen Golden won't be with them. This season she has taken a break from the Dublin dugout.

All down the years, she was part of the Dubs furniture, often making the long trip back from her beloved Glenbeigh in Kerry to make it to the game on time.

She was an accomplished player herself. It was in the wranglers. Her mother, Doreen Rogers, won All-Irelands with Dublin.


"Doreen has been so good to all of us over the years," says Louise O'Hara. "We used to call her our camogie mammy.

"And on Mother's Day, we'd present her with a bunch of flowers. She was such a big part of the set-up. She'd do anything for you.

"If you were injured or ill, she'd be the first on the phone, wondering could she be of any help. That's her nature.

"She was there with all the different managers, and she just had that personal touch that all the girls appreciated.

"She's taking a well-deserved break now, but we are always thinking of her. She was just so brilliant to us in so many ways."