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Go Blue or stay away'

DUBLIN GAA Chief Executive John Costello has floated the idea of forcing players who transfer to clubs in the capital to declare for Dublin in a bid to halt the influx of high-profile arrivals.

In his annual report to Dublin convention, Costello notes that the acceleration in incoming transfers had caused unease in Dublin and suggested the introduction of legislation in a bid to limit the volume to cases he termed "totally natural."

Costello revealed that a number of clubs have confidentially voiced their concerns.

"While some of these transfers," he writes, "are totally natural whereby, for example, a player moves to an area to take up a post as a teacher and then makes the decision to join his local club, there are other transfers which look to be testing both the eligibility laws and the ethos of our games.

"Maybe it's time that Dublin introduced their own bye-law that obligated any player who plays club football or hurling in the capital to declare for Dublin. It would be very interesting to see what the implications of such a law would be on 'transfer traffic'."