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Gilroy's mantra pays off

HAVING completed my gym recovery session early on Sunday morning I headed into the Dublin football game in Croke Park.

I was expecting a good contest but in truth Dublin steamrolled Louth in every position of the field.

Louth could not handle to pace and strength of the Dublin lads, it was great to see the hunger that these lads have after the season they had last year, which obviously culminated in them ending the Sam Maguire 'famine'.

The real measure of how hard a team works in my view is just to study the forward line and see if they are tracking back or tackling?

To see Kevin McManamon, Bernard Brogan and Diarmuid Connolly willing to track back to inside their own 45-metre line says it all about what Pat Gilroy brings to the table.

His mantra is 'if you don't want to work hard he will get someone else to do your job', so this keeps everyone on their toes at all times.

I know it has been said so many times before but the only worry I would have is if Bernard has an off day or gets injured who will get the scores?