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Gilroy: We can do even better

DUBLIN manager Pat Gilroy has signed on for another year not just because there's an All-Ireland title to defend.

He firmly believes there is massive scope for improvement in his relatively young team.

The message from Gilroy is emphatic: Dublin can do even better next year.

"In one sense, we rode our luck in the semi-final and final. So the challenge for us is to improve in a number of areas," he told the Evening Herald.

"Because you are All-Ireland champions, people will spend more time looking at you. So you need to improve everything that you're doing. At the end of the day, people might know what you're doing but if you do it well enough, there is nothing they can do."

Gilroy has been encouraged by the fact that his own players are determined to up the ante.

"We haven't hit a pinnacle yet in terms of our performance. And the players felt that, too. They were suggesting that they could do much better than that," the manager explained.

"There were times when we did it in training and it was really impressive, but I don't think we've brought it onto the championship stage yet."

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