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Gilroy on...


"His achievements and his contribution to life were incredible.

"In a short life, he made a huge impact and it's a real tragedy to see someone of that age passing away.

"But he's left behind him a serious legacy -- not just for himself and his family -- but for Irish people in general going over to places like that.

"It just shows you what sort of a fella he was. No different from Brian (his brother), they were different. They had a special athletic talent.

"They had something special to them. Jim was able to bring it there.

"It's an incredible achievement to think that in just a few years, he could get to the very top of his sport."


"We will have an awful lot of internal matches. We will have up to 10 matches ourselves in that time if we have no other league games.

"That's ample opportunity for fellas to perform and take their opportunity.

"So for a fella like Bernard, there is plenty of time to stake a claim."


"It's a minor problem with the groin which should be fixed with a simple injection.

"But we will only know how that works after a week or so.

"I would be worried if it ends up being long term.

"It's not the ideal thing for him to be out and you would hope he doesn't have a big break.

"But if he does, we have to deal with it.

"I think he has got a big benefit out of playing consecutive games."


"There would be a bit of an extra workload but we have Niall Moyna and Sammy Dowling to help as well in that area.

"Mickey is the sort of character that brings a lot more than just training to the thing.

"I would still be in touch with him and chat to him regularly but you're not going to fill a hole like him no matter what work you do.

"He has an immense knowledge, but it's the best we can do at the moment."

. . . DONEGAL 2011

"It was a really important game for us.

"The team had had so many roadblocks in semi-finals in the past, particularly for the older guys, that overcoming a semi-final in the way we did was hugely beneficial for our confidence.

"We stuck with it until the end."