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gilroy ON ...

•KERRY: "Kerry have been phenomenal in the championship. It doesn't matter who they have played against, Kerry have been the form team. They have absolutely blitzed everyone. It's only now I've been watching them and they have been incredible. They probably haven't played as well going into an All-Ireland final in the last 10 years. It's going to be a massive challenge. Their experience ... I suppose in one sense, they have to be the hot favourites for the game because of all those things. But we'll give it a lash and, hopefully, we'll get the result."

SPECIAL ATTENTIONS FOR 'GOOCH': "I think the great thing about Kerry being so strong is that if you did do that, you're going to get hurt elsewhere. You can't really just focus on one player. It's up to the team to perform as a team because they have just too many great players. Declan and Darran O'Sullivan, Kieran Donaghy, Paul Galvin, Donnacha Walsh, Kieran O'Leary ... you can name them all. If you take your eye off one, you're going to be in trouble. We have to deal with Kerry defensively as a unit. That is so important for us. Otherwise we'll be in trouble."

•HYPE: "If you have decided it's not going to get into your head, you can keep it out of your head. You have to do a lot of things. I've said it a lot of times but the Dublin public, since we've gotten into the league final, have been very good at giving the lads a bit of space. And that's very important and it's also greatly appreciated. It's early days yet but that has continued since the last game. It does help us."