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Gilroy: I’ll take a few weeks

DUBLIN will know within a month whether Pat Gilroy will take on the quest to retain Sam Maguire or walk away from the manager's job on the greatest high of them all.

Gilroy said at last night's charity fundraiser match in Parnell Park that he would take the next “couple of weeks” to decide if he will seek a new term of office after last Sunday's amazing All-Ireland win but made no hard or fast comment either way.

“There is an awful lot to be weighed up in terms of family,” he told the Herald. “My three years is up now. If you were going again, you would think it would be another long-term arrangement to be doing it.

“You have got to weigh up the family and the job and we'll do that in the next couple of weeks.”

Gilroy also noted: “It's a different economic environment we're in now. The same with the family.

“The kids are growing up. The eldest is now ten so you have to think the whole thing through.”