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Geraghty blasts Barney for bringing Boylan into it

MEATH selector Graham Geraghty has become the latest protagonist in the Royal saga to criticise embattled county board chairman Barney Allen over his handling of the failed coup to oust Seamus McEnaney as manager.

As ‘Banty' and the Meath players keep a tight counsel over the ramifications of last Wednesday night's heated county board meeting, Geraghty publicly hit out at Allen for his move in asking Seán Boylan to take over as manager if, as was expected, McEnaney was ousted.

“I think Seán would have preferred if his name was left out of it until the end,” insisted Geraghty. “It was very unfair of Barney to put Sean's name out there. It over-complicated the matter. They should have waited until the vote was over and take it from there then if they needed a new manager.”

Geraghty did admit, however: “If you had asked me after the Louth game, I would have said that he would have lost the vote. But obviously the clubs went away and had a think about it and as the week went on it looked like he had more of a chance to stay. I'm just glad it has all been put to bed and we can get on with preparing for Wicklow.

“It was a big upheaval. It has been very stressful for the players who don't want to do anything but play football.

“They are sick of all this and they got dragged into it again.”

The Royals have slumped into Division 3 and aren't scheduled to play again until the May 27 Leinster SFC opener with Wicklow in Dr Cullen Park, a match which is already being widely tipped as a potential early season shock.

Geraghty was adamant, however, that Meath have the potential to salvage their season, despite recent developments.

“I don't think it is as bad as all that. That sounds like a contradiction seeing as we have just been relegated to Division Three but we can improve,” he stressed. “We have a lot of problems to iron out and we can do that by putting some confidence back into the players. The next few weeks are about lifting morale. A lot of that will be down to the players themselves and they'll have to lift each other.”

He added: “Over the last 20 or 25 years Meath teams have been able to find a response when we were in trouble. It's okay saying that but now we have to deliver on it.”