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Geezer blamed for everything: Dyas


Kevin Dyas

Kevin Dyas

Kevin Dyas

WHETHER it's allegedly flogging the Armagh players in training or somehow instigating the recent McKenna Cup row with Tyrone, Kieran McGeeney is always the fall guy, writes Frank Roche.

That's according to Kevin Dyas (pictured), who quickly clarifies that his Armagh manager is innocent of both the above charges.

The aforementioned melee, he reckons, was not just a case of the Armagh/Tyrone rivalry being blown out of proportion.

"I think it's the whole fascination around people trying to have a pop at Geezer," Dyas claims. "Everybody knows that Geezer is into his MMA stuff (mixed martial arts) and people automatically associate that with a scuffle on a GAA field. There's no connection between the two at all.

"The row against Cavan last year, Geezer copped a bit of the blame for that as well. The same against Tyrone ... there was nothing really in the Tyrone game, it was a pretty clean game bar a bit of pushing and shoving. I think once Geezer's name is involved, it's automatically blown out of proportion."

As for training sessions at dawn, Dyas counters: "The alarm clock hasn't been going off at six o'clock in the morning. I don't know where people are getting those rumours from. It's just the usual training schedule that most county teams would have, I imagine.

"There's this perception that Geezer is flogging us every day of the week, that's he ruthless with lads if they can't make training.

"But for me personally, I'm working here now (in PwC, Dublin) and he's been more than accommodating if I can't make training because of work; it's absolutely no problem."