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Geary ire over McCarthy crisis

WITH the clock ticking towards Justin McCarthy's judgement hour, Brian Geary, has become the latest ex-player to lambast the Shannonside county board ahead of their make-or-break meeting tonight.

Geary, who led Limerick to an All-Ireland final in 2007, has accused the board of creating a smokescreen of misinformation in order to keep clubs on their side, backing up the accusations of another former captain, Mark Foley, over the weekend.

"Claims were made that players were coming back, when they weren't, and this only led to confusion among the clubs, who didn't want to be seen to be getting in the way of a possible solution," Geary said. "I can see only one reason why the board were saying that, and that was because they felt under pressure. It's a pity it has taken this long to reach this stage, where everyone knows where they stand. The delegates now know that the players are not coming back under this management, so it's a straight vote."

Geary also admitted that the long running dispute was starting to take its toll on himself and everyone else involved and that the scars would take a long time to heal.

"I never thought I'd let it get to me as much as it has, but listening to people over the last few weeks, the stuff that's coming back from the meetings, the matches. Like, there's a meeting in my own club tonight and I got a phone call today asking me what my position is -- what do they think my position is?

"We have a young fella on the new panel and I'm sure he's getting the same phone call -- it's a no-win situation for the players. It could end up dividing clubs. The atmosphere around the county has gone sour. Everything is out in the open now, we all know the situation. It's come to a head, hopefully that will be the end of it. We need to move on, no matter what the outcome."