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Gavin: We got lucky


Dublin manager Jim Gavin

Dublin manager Jim Gavin

Dublin manager Jim Gavin

Jim Gavin has acknowledged that his team "got lucky" in the drawn All-Ireland final two Sundays ago.

Pointing to the fact that his team "didn't score from play until very late in the first half" and enjoyed the benefit of "two lucky breaks" for their first-half goals the Dublin manager admitted: "We got lucky on the day".

"Yes, we created those opportunities," he pointed out, "but we didn't execute them, it was Mayo that executed them for us.

"On reflection, there's a sense that we were on the ropes and got a bit of luck," Gavin added, despite the fact it took an injury-time equaliser from Cillian O'Connor to force tomorrow's replay.

The Dublin boss, who delayed naming his team until today, praised his players' resilience in coming so close to winning despite an uncharacteristically poor performance.

"I thought they showed great character in that game to hang in there," he stressed.

"They know as well they got the breaks, but they hung in there until the end."

Gavin denied, however, that Dublin were seeking "revenge" after a bruising draw.

"No, we've never gone after revenge," he stated. "We've never used that language in the group."

Gavin also rejected the notion that the pressure to record a second consecutive All-Ireland title had adversely affected his team's display.

"No. They just want to perform. They just want to do their best.

"But if they don't perform the next day, that won't happen."