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Gavin coy on future of elder statesmen


Bernard Brogan. Pic: Sportsfile

Bernard Brogan. Pic: Sportsfile

Bernard Brogan. Pic: Sportsfile

Jim Gavin wasn't about to predict the next movements of his most experienced players after Sunday's All-Ireland final.

But if there was ever a sign that the Dublin team were at an advanced stage of their transition from Gavin's first triumph in 2013, it's that they won Sunday's final with no on-field contribution from Bernard Brogan, Paul Flynn or Diarmuid Connolly.

Gavin was fulsome in his praise for Brogan's remarkably expedient return from a cruciate ligament injury,

"I think people will be really surprised how well he's moving," he stressed, "and the decisions that players will make for the season ahead, that's their decision."

"The players themselves need to reflect on their choice because their life is defined sporting-wise by their choice to commit and there is a lot of sacrifice required for inter-county football. There always was, and it's as demanding as ever.

"I'm sure the boys will make the right choice for them, and that's the most important thing."


Brogan wore 27 on Sunday but played no part and will be 35 by the time next year's Championship starts.

Flynn, 32, will now start his new role as chief executive of the GPA and was understood to have pushed hard for a starting place but the Fingallians man made no appearance on Sunday for the first time this summer.

Gavin also left open the possibility of a return to the squad for Diarmuid Connolly, 31, after the St. Vincent's man spent his summer in Boston.

"Get yourself right first and then the sport will always be there for them," he stressed.