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Gallery targets another Junior

When old friends meet, sliotar and ash, Elaine Gallery turns the moment gold. She produces an art and crafts exhibition. It would decorate the turf of Croke Park.

Elaine would love to wake up on a September morn and to be leading the Dubs there next year.

Her touch on the ball can instantly turn it into Portobello porcelain. She is the skipper of the Dubs, the All-Ireland Junior 'A' champions. They will now reside in the Premier grade.

The final of that competition takes place in the big house. It forms part of the All-Ireland final day triple header.

Dublin last drove down the Jones' Road on a championship day in 2005. Peter Lucey managed them to All-Ireland junior glory.

This season, the Dubs were guided to the Promised Land by the Fab Four – Brendan Cooper, Sandra Tarr, Dave Pearson and Dave Dunning.

They beat Offaly in the final in Clane. The former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, looked on. He was impressed with the control and vision of the Dublin captain.

"We'd love to be All-Ireland champions again next year. That would be marvellous. And that will be our goal," says Elaine.

"We'll try and pull out all the stops to try and repeat the success.


"We'll be back training soon enough and it's likely that the panel will be even stronger for the new campaign."

A reward for winning the title saw the Dubs travel to Inverness last week to play Scotland in a Shinty/Camogie exhibition.

"It was a lovely way to finish the year for all the girls. It was a nice bonus to get and we all enjoyed the experience.

"It was kind of them to invite us over. It was a real sporting occasion. And I felt we performed well in the match, although the Scots beat us."

The hosts were sharper from the off. But Dublin then settled, and in the second half they threw everything but the statue of Molly Malone at the Scottish back door. "We really dug deep in that second half. We put it in, and I have to thank all the support we got. It was like playing at home."