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Gaeltacht man is setting a dangerous precedent

IT'S not that I don't get it, I do. Sport at the top level can be ruthless and as the saying goes 'nice guys win nothing'.

Gaelic football is no different as teams try to find an edge that can give them an advantage over an opponent in their quest for victory.

The bit that concerns me about Darragh Ó Sé's article is where it is deemed fair game to put into print the notion of a systematic physical targeting of a player in the hope of getting a reaction that might result in a player getting sent off.

Sure the game has to be played on the edge and Diarmuid Connolly knows as well as any other top forward that he won't get anything soft, but at what stage is it ok to push competing at the edge over the cliff?

If a game-plan is about targeting players illegally it sets a dangerous precedent, and should raise serious concerns for the GAA around the protection and welfare of all their players.

However, I am sure Dublin won't let this distract them from their job on Sunday in Croke Park.